Blog Tour Review: Mummy’s Boy - JA Andrews

Mummy's BoyMummy's Boy by J.A. Andrews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mummy’s Boy is JA Andrews’s debut psychological thriller revolving around a precarious set of domestic circumstances and the most nightmarish situation you could find yourself in as a mother: dealing with the disappearance of a child. However, this time the missing youngster, Andrew Mullner, is a little older than usual, seventeen years old to be exact, but that same unending feeling of not knowing whether he's dead or alive or what happened consumes his mother who is still seemingly desperately searching for answers and some form of closure. But is it destroying her due to the lack of answers, as Trish would have everyone believe, or is there something much more sinister as the underlying cause? The Mullner’s try to rebuild but find their lives and patience with each other crumbling beyond repair, and there's only so much time before everything unravels spectacularly revealing disturbing secrets and intense betrayal.

This in many ways sounds a lot like a whole plethora of other domestic-based thrillers where a missing child is at the centre of the plot, but I thought it was written in such a way that it captures your attention from the outset, holds onto it throughout and spins a yarn filled with exciting developments and chilling, twisty surprises better than some similar books. You soon learn that you should take everything the entire cast utters with a rather large pinch of salt in a story simply overflowing with secrets, lies, betrayal and duplicity, and although the role-call of characters is quite limited this allows the author to give plenty of attention to detail creating an engaging if wholly detestable cast in the process. It's a pacy, compulsive and difficult to put down offering from a new writer on the crime scene who is certainly one to watch for the future. Highly recommended. Many thanks to Hera Books for an ARC.


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